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Rolling Football is a 2v2 sports brawl game where you have to get the ball into your opponents goal atop your trusty rolling machine, all the while beating the pulp out of the enemy team.

Dodging, Charging, Striking, Rolling, Passing the ball around ; There is no such thing as a low blow in this arena.

 A frenzied Party Game

 No restrictions, everything is permitted

 Strong defender, fast scorer, who will you pick ?

 A cartoon fight in a scrapy alleyway


Warning: This game requires 4 local gamepad players.

                           Arthur.J            Louis.G            Jeremy.M

                                        Emilie.B            Harold.P


RollingFootball.zip 266 MB

Install instructions

1 - Unzip the folder.

2 - Open the folder.

3 - Double click on the application named "ScrapRugby.exe".

4 - Enjoy !


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Feel sad that you can't play 1P vs the AI.. it's regrettable that it is not the case.

Hello, thanks for your interest! Unfortunatly we didn't developed any AI for Rolling Football. We will let you know if something change about it.