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Puzzle Platformer with Timeloops


Looping Sheep is a puzzle platformer game made in 4 days during a gamejam.


In this puzzle game you will play as 4 sheeps in 4 different timeloops.


Every 10 seconds you will control a sheep to solve a platform puzzle, at the end of the loop,
you play as a new sheep but remember that the first one is going to redo the path you did before.


Use your 4 sheeps to join the yellow platform, try to have 3 sheeps in that zone to win 3 stars !




4 sheeps  to control !

4 time loops to solve the puzzle !

Collect 3 stars at each level !

8 different levels to complete !

Meeeeeeeh !


About Us


Game design and Programming : Arthur Joanin

Artists : Jeremy Matias Carneiro, Harold Prevost de Saint Cyr


Looping-Sheep.zip 27 MB

Install instructions

1 - Unzip the folder.

2 - Open the folder.

3 - Double click on the application named "Looping-Sheep".

4 - Enjoy and MEEEEH !

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